Talking Clock

Electronics / Raspberry Pi

Project Date: December 2017

Have you ever been half awake and wanted to know what time it is but you're still so unbelievably sleepy that opening your eyes seems like the heaviest thing to do?

Well, good news, Talking Clock is here to solve your problem. With just a push of a button, this Raspberry Pi device will speak the time while you keep your precious eyes shut. It's easier to push a button than to open your eyes, isn't it? My bunny will show it to you:

Talking Clock is my first Raspberry Pi, electronics, and physical computing project. I found this project's walkthrough from Adafruit where the Python code has been provided as well, so all that's left to do was to follow the schematic and make sure the program works.

Nevertheless, it wasn't exactly smooth sailing. Thankfully, I met Sarah on Twitter who loves to mentor beginners, and she helped me debug this project.

How great is this device currently?

Optimization #1: Automatically launch program at Raspberry Pi boot. (Done)

Optimization #2: Change time zone to mine. (Planned)

Optimization #3: Add another button to shut down Raspberry Pi. (Planned)