Reel Antiheroes

Digital / Android App

Project Date: November 2016

We often see heroes in movies but I find antiheroes more interersting. So that's what I want to share with you through this app. Reel Antiheroes is my final project app for Indonesia Android Kejar and it tells you five things about antiheroes who often give us conflicted feelings. This app works by changing text and images depending on what button you touch.

Through this app I learned to realize my vision by making sure the logic is correct. And thankfully it worked well as there is no crash and the transition is smooth. At the end, my mentor selected my app as her top choice among all apps in the class.

Reel Antiheroes can be downloaded here or here. If you see that the text in the app is cut, pardon this first app of mine and please change your font setting to a smaller size momentarily.