Cari Ilmu

Digital / Android App

Project Date: October - November 2017

Everyone has their own interests and we want to help them pursue and share them. That's why we built Cari Ilmu, a platform that helps learners and teachers find each other. It works like a marketplace for knowledge-sharing where users can see lessons offered and book them for offline sessions. Users can find their interests easily through our six categorized topics.

This app is a project my team and I did during our study in Binar Academy. I worked on android development for our team as a junior dev. Building this app allowed me to learn about consuming API, creating UI in RecyclerView, and strengthen my Java foundation. Upon finishing this project and our study, I was awarded as one of the 'Top 5 Graduates' and a certified Junior Android Engineer.

The future of Cari Ilmu

Currently we're looking to launch Cari Ilmu to the public and we need a back end developer to complete our team. If you're one and would like to be involved as one of the founders, hit me up. We promise to split things equally.