To Partly Lift the Burden

A perfectionist came to realization one day, that it was okay not to be flawless in creating or making something.

A product, or a creation doesn't have to be perfect for two reasons.

The first reason is because a product doesn't have to be "impervious", as long as it is "strong". By definition, something that's impervious is something that's impenetrable, cannot be penetrated. On the contrary, something that is strong can be penetrated, or damaged, or disturbed, but still managed to survive.

Using that analogy, in product creation, or art creation, or any kind of creation, an impervious creation is equal to a "perfect" creation: the ones where all aspects have been considered, all scenarios have been foreseen, problems that might occur have been tackled so they won't have to occur, and all else.

But a strong creation doesn't have to be all that. Yes it may have flaws here and there, but if it's good enough, the flaws should be tolerable and we can live with that. Creating a strong product means creating product that has surpassed a certain point of standards, but deciding not to go toward perfection in order to relieve the pressure, and accepting reality that after all we're human. We're bound to make it imperfect.

The second reason why a creation doesn't have to be perfect is because by not obsessing over perfection--a "10 out of 10" product--we get to create more, we get to be more "productive". Yes, probably we can obsess over one product and make it our masterpiece of work, but due to the time and energy we would consume, we'd probably only make one kind of thing in a long time.

But if we're okay and settled at "8 out of 10" or "9 out of 10" creations, we probably can move on to the next creation earlier, faster, sooner. Thus, we create more in variety, and be more productive.

At the end, it is not about avoiding perfections, but rather, it's about allowing ourselves for imperfections if they have to occur.

P.S.: The comparison between "impervious" and "strong" and how those terms are put here is borrowed from a TV Show.

* Originally posted on my Blogspot. Last edit: January 31, 2018.


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