Adapoop is a conceptual solution for people who are stuck with squatting toilets in their temporary residence and wish to get the sensation of a sitting toilet.

With Adapoop you just have to put it over your squatting toilet and due to its larger dimension, Adapoop will surround it. Once it is set up, you can sit on top of it and poop as if using an actual sitting toilet. The feces will then be directed towards the actual toilet bowl through Adapoop's inner pipe.

The idea of Adapoop is that it is supposed to be light and portable so it can be a quick and easy alternative to redoing your bathroom. Think of Adapoop as an adaptor for your squatting toilet.

Adapoop is a project I did with a friend for Djarum Black Innovation competition. I did the concept and she did the drawing while the rendering was done through outsourcing. Through Adapoop we obtained the 'Top 225 Innovators' award.